Wavy Bookcase


Wavy Bookcase is designed by Giuseppe Bavuso and produced by Alivar.




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The Wavy bookcase is a cutting-edge item of furniture, both thanks to its form and to the innovative material used. The entire structure is made of white or black acrylic stone, an extremely fine composite that is durable and long-lasting: the colour does not change over time, it is not absorbent or porous and is therefore hygienic, it is ecological and water-resistant. It is an item that is sure to make an impact which, seen from the front, appears to be linear, while when seen from the side at 45 degrees it reveals a “canvas” of asymmetrical geometry. The vertical lines of the shelves, which are slightly inclined, give rise to this effect of apparent irregularity and the movement of the modules that compose it determine its particular nature. Wavy can be positioned on the wall or suspended to furnish the room in a distinctive manner, or used as a centrepiece to separate the areas in a unique, stylish way. The bookcase is modular and may be compiled according to the requirements of the home.

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Modular System – Variable Dimensions


The entire structure is made of white or black LG HI MACS acrylic stone.


4-6 weeks