ULM Sofa


ULM Sofa is designed by Ramon Esteve and produced by Vondom.




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A collection fashioned as the new norm with an inherit universal and logical appeal. A functional seating collection that strikes a perfect balance between design, technology, and ergonomics based on basic cube, prism, and spherical shapes. The Ulm collection seeks unity within its design and that of other products, combining amongst diverse elements that form a complete ensemble. The sofa, like the chairs, daybed, coffee table, and ottoman embody rigid and resilient structures for rest and support that provide total comfort. Much like the name Ulm, its soft forms are a tribute to the formal approach of the Ulm School. The ability to illuminate each piece can envelope any space in color, providing innovative technology that makes it unique.

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Modular System – Variable Dimensions


Made of polyethylene resin by rotational moulding. 100% Recyclable. Item suitable
for indoor and outdoor use. Available in different finishes.


3-6 weeks