Grid Wall System


Grid Wall System is designed by Vincent Van Duysen and produced by Molteni.




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The particular feature of modular systems is the ease with which a few basic elements can be combined to provide valid and seamless furnishing solutions. Grid, designed by Vincent Van Duysen, fully satisfies this criterion of infinite modularity. Grid is a new research chapter in what are known today as modular wall-systems. Research into the evolution of domestic space, also thanks to the presence of electronic devices that extend the perception of space. Grid is a modular system characterized by a wall-anchored folding panel system, inside which, on request, LED lighting can be installed, both in the central part and at the top, all the way down, along with various connections linked to sounds and images and hi-tech equipment. The aim is to achieve a flexible open system based on a modular grid, which organizes the component parts and exalts their function.

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Modular System – Variable Dimensions


Strcuture and panels in lacquered, wood or glass.


6-8 weeks