Square Bed


Square Bed is designed by Massimo Rosa – R&S Dall’Agnese and produced by Dall’Agnese.




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Square headboard is a compoundable system made up of wooden, lacquered, fabric, leather, imitation leather upholstered elements ideal for characterizing the bed. This panel system, together with the Sommier, suits single bedrooms as well. The Square headboard is a mix and match system that uses wooden, lacquered or fabric upholstered elements ideal for characterizing the bed. Oak gesso and grey and blue fabric are coordinated with the bed frame to enhance your bed headboard. A splendid effect is created by matching heat treated oak, Finland green lacquered finish and beige fabric. Heat treated oak and fabric panels create a pleasant look for this headboard.

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Modular System – Variable Dimensions


Wooden, lacquered, fabric, leather headboard and frame.
Available in different finishes.


4-8 weeks